Top 15 Hair Salon Franchise In India | Best Beauty Salon Opportunities

Hair Salon Franchise Opportunities

Analyzing the salon franchise but don’t know where to start? Here’s what you should consider.

In this ever-so-increasing population, franchises hold significant dominance. Franchises, which are endorsed by the brand itself, earn a big sum of money. At present, Salon Industries have a market value of about 2500 Crores in India. Every year salon industries are believed to have a CAGR growth rate of 30 per cent annually. These industries, however, do not run based on brand values only; about 75 per cent of the buzz/market is acquired by unorganized players. 

As the dominance of this industry is increasing in India, myriad organic players (both nationally and internationally) can be seen in the market soon. It is believed that the market authority of organic players was only up to 25 per cent – but now, it has risen to 30 per cent. Last year (during the pandemic), when innumerable industries went bankrupt – even at that time, the growth rate of the salon market did not decrease. This is a fundamental reason as to why big investors and entrepreneurs are investing in salon franchises.

To make your journey easier, we bring forth the top 15 hair salons in India, encompassing the details about the franchise cost and other fundamentals.

  1. JUICE

When it comes to setting a standard in this world of hair & beauty, the name ‘JUICE‘ will acquire the first place! This franchise, which started in the late ’90s, has made a top-class reputation for the last 20 years in this industry. Juice does not believe in opening more outlets, it focuses on maintaining its standard. Hence, to date, it has only opened 30 outlets across the country. To purchase a juice franchise, you must have a minimum area of ​​1200 square feet – and must possess any degree in the Beauty & Hairstylist course. Furthermore, you would require a capital investment of at least 20-40 lakhs.

  1. Lakmé Salons

Lakme Salon is one of the largest salon franchises in India. You will find a Lakme salon in every area you visit. Lakme is an FMCG company owned by Hindustan Unilever. It is not just a company, Lakme is a brand! Running for the last 35 years, this company was started back in the ’80s, which certainly has more than 1 million active users as of now. It has a team of over 22000 professional beauty experts – with more than 240 stores across the country. 

While Lakme does not provide its franchise to literally anybody, you need to have proper eligibility to avail the franchise. To purchase the franchise, you ought to have an area of ​​900 Sq.ft – and a proper portfolio. Most importantly, you would need an investment of 50-60 lakhs at least – to kickstart this business. This salon dominion also expects you to be passionate about your work – and be outstanding in offering the best service!

  1. Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty

Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty was started in 1986 by a famous hairstylist, Jawed Habib. JH Hair & Beauty (back then) was considered the favorite go-to-hairdo spot of Bollywood celebrities! Today, due to its customer-satisfactory services, JH manages to create 1.5 million active customers. This Salon Franchise tycoon tends to serve their outstanding services in more than 880 outlets – in about 110 cities. JH is not just a franchise now, it’s a family with more than 10,000 professional members and still counting!

The franchise is famous for its haircutting, hairstyling, manicure, pedicure, and other beauty treatments. To get access to JH’s franchise, you need to have a good beauty-related portfolio – and should lease or own at least a 500 sq. ft area. Moreover, you would need a minimum investment of 20-30 lakhs. Furthermore, you need to get its renewal done every four years!

  1. Shahnaz Hussain

Shahnaz Hussain salon franchise was started in 1975. This franchise is one of the few salons in India that use only herbal and ayurvedic methods/ products. For the last 50 years, Shahnaz Husain Group has been exemplifying its service with full enthusiasm. You will need an investment of up to 21-32 lakhs to establish this franchise.

  1. Studio11 Salon and Spa

In a very short period, the Studio11 Salon & Spa has carved an opening for itself in the industry. This salon franchise commenced with a small dream back then in 2013 – and has emerged as a brand today! You will need around 30-50 lakhs of investment to buy this franchise. Besides, you would need an 800-1500 square feet area. These franchises provide complete support on marketing and training to every employee they work with.

  1. Neeldavid’s International Salon

Nildevid’s International is one of the most popular unisex salon franchises, with its empire promoting both in India and Nepal. This salon was started seven years back in 2014, which now runs over 50+ franchises across the country. Neeldavid’s is one such salon franchise that claims to generate a 40 per cent profit margin from each of its franchises in the very first year. Additionally, it charges up to 15000 every month as a royalty commission. To adopt this franchise, you should have an area of 250-1500 sq. ft along with an investment of approximately 10-21 lakhs. 

  1. Strands Salon

Strands Salon, which is famous for its luxurious beauty treatments, started in a small town in 2007. The best part about this salon franchise is that they claim: you get up to 40-150 per cent return on your investments. You do not need to get into any hassle to avail the franchise. To purchase the franchise, you need to have a minimum area of 800-2000 sq. ft. – and an investment of approximately 2-5.5 lakhs. 

  1. Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill is one of the world’s oldest and well-known salons with brand franchises. If you plan to target just male customers, this franchise will prove to be a boon for your business! The special thing about this salon is that they employ their own brand of products in their work, such as shaving cream, razor, skin care products etc. This franchise was first launched in India by the Truefitt & Hill Group of Companies in 2015. It is relatively expensive – and you will need 1-1.5 lac as an initial investment to avail it. Moreover, this franchise charges a 10 per cent royalty commission per 40 per cent Profit margin. 

  1. Green Trends

The Green Trends Salon which has always been in vogue for its top-notch work and customer satisfaction service was first established in 2010 in India. Due to its customer-friendly behavior and skillful experts, it has opened 375 outlets across 50 cities in the country. It has approx 4000 skilled and professional artists working diligently – providing the best services. All you need is 1200-1400 sq. ft. – and a minimum investment of 30-52 lakh to acquire this top-class franchise.

  1. Cut & Style

Cut and Style has been serving its customers all over the world for the last 20 years. The franchise was launched in India – like, a few years back in 2018. In just a short period, this brand has formulated its name in the industry – and today, it has opened 90 outlets, which are spread over 15+ cities. This franchise aims to deliver the best to its customers and never let them down! Like any other franchise agreement, you will need a minimum investment of up to 30-50 lakhs to avail of it.

  1. Naturals Salon

With a strong vision aiming to emancipate women to become entrepreneurs, Naturals was established as a local brand in India to furnish financial stability. The brand has been around for a long time now, running its business in 80+ Indian cities. It has more than 7500 trusted professionals working with them. With a growth rate of 18.6 per cent, the brand will be expecting 25 per cent of CAGR in the upcoming years. Naturals salon franchise provides services, which encompass body care, Skin care, hair care, and bridal services. They focus on enhancing and perfecting optimal services, thereby bestowing the best client experience! What’s more, they ensure quality services – and provide aspirants with all the technical resources and communication skills. To purchase this franchise, you will need 250-500 sq feet area – and an initial investment of 40-50 lacs.

  1. Louis Unisex Salon

The Louis Unisex Salon has been around for 29 years with over 4000 salons established in 90 different cities. The brand has gained a lot of popularity – and its growth has risen exponentially. They deliver hair care, hair treatments/styling, facials, makeup, nail care, hand/feet, beard grooming, hair texture, and other services. They have adequate resources and experience – and consequently, can be trusted and relied upon. Initial investment costs only five lacs!

  1. Looks Salon  

Looks Salon is a ‘Big Bull’ in the world of Salon Franchise! It has dominated the last 30 years of the market – and is a top contender in the list of 10 most successful franchises. It has more than 118 outlets in both India and Dubai, which is an example in itself. The Looks salon charges up to 27-30 per cent as royalty commission from the profit margins for its franchisees. To become a part of the franchise, you will need a minimum cost of 1-1.5 crores.

  1. Shab’s Beauty Salon and Bridal Studio

Shabus Salon was started in 2004, which has now become a pretty big franchise! It has gained a lot of support and received a warm response from the clients because of its quality work – and user-friendly service. They offer a plethora of services, starting from hair care, skin care, nail care to facials, beard grooming, and so on. The franchise, however, is known for its bridal makeup and associated services. Purchasing the franchise may cost you up to 15-20 lakhs!

  1. Geetanjali Salon Franchise 

Geetanjali Salon was started in 1989 in a small village in India. The journey from this small village to such a big franchise has been achieved with a lot of hard work and dedication. The franchise is famous for providing quality work to each and every one of its customers. And because of its native name, it’s been in the talks almost everywhere. As a result, it never needed an endorsement. To open it and take its franchise, you may have to invest up to 50 lakhs – and the minimum area required to start off the franchise is approx ​​​​800 sq ft.


  1. Can I Afford Hair Salon Franchises?

To estimate whether or not you can afford hair salon franchises, add up all your assets together. Once done, subtract any liabilities, such as credit card, insurance, mortgage, etcetera. This way you can get a hold of your net worth. Correspondingly, before investing in any franchise, the franchisors will need to comprehend your net worth – in order to reckon if you can (seriously) take on their franchise. Thus, you can assess whether you can afford the initial hair salon franchise investments or not.

  1. Do You Agree With The Brand Ethos?

Yes, you need to agree with the brand ethos. Franchising is in no way associated with an independent business or organization. When you consider investing in a franchise, you agree to work according to their guidelines and rules. You can’t establish your own ethos. However, you should only invest in a franchise, wherein you can effectively employ their business model. If you want full control of marketing and branding, perhaps franchising is not for you. You can try other alternatives.

  1. What Role Do You Want To Play In The Business?

There are two kinds of franchisees: first, owners/operators, who directly run the business. Second, absentee owners, who hire people to run the business on a customary routine. Thus, myriad franchisors provide hands-on opportunities while others furnish a management sort of opportunity. The fundamental question you need to ask yourself regarding your part in the business is – what do you see yourself doing regularly? Are you fine doing the same job every day? Do you want an organization or do you want to manage managers? 

  1. What To Look For When Choosing a Franchise?

Once you have decided the domain and business model that you are opting for, you need to choose a particular franchise. Consequently, you need a robust support system for franchisees: one of the most promising advantages of purchasing into a franchise is that the brand is already established. So, ensure the franchisor is at hand to help guide you better.

  1. What Is The First Step Towards Becoming a Franchisee?

The first step towards becoming a franchisee is to opt for the type of franchise you would like to pursue. However, make sure you can adhere to the rules and guidelines of the franchise. Choosing the right franchise is of utmost significance! If you can work nights and weekends, don’t opt for franchises that are open even at non-traditional hours. Next up, your budget is also a major consideration. Some franchises are a tad bit more expensive than others. Make sure you choose the one that fits your budget. Becoming a business owner is an investment of money and time; you need to enjoy what you are doing – to make the franchise a huge success.

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