Everything about Bling Empire season 2: Cast, plot, release date, and more

Netflix’s reality show, Bling Empire took no time in hitting the top 10 list on the streamer. Its popularity among viewers globally has made its return for another season. In an official tweet, the streaming giant has announced that the second season of Bling Empire is arriving. Bling Empire is originally inspired by a flick, Crazy Rich Asians that made Jeff Jenkins, the series executive producer, think of creating a similar show. The show focuses on affluent Angelenos of East Asian and East Asian-American origin. It portrays their designer clothes, lavish parties, relationships, friendships, and billion-dollar businesses. If you adorned the extravagant social gatherings or the regal mansions, then season 2 has a lot more in store for you. Find every detail from the cast to the airing date of Bling Empire season two:

Bling Empire season 2 Release date: When is it getting premiered?

The launch date of Bling Empire part two is yet to be made official. Nonetheless, we could expect the second part to air either in early 2022 or perhaps mid of 2022 as per New york Daily Gazette. Jenkins has said previously that following season one, a lot of things have taken place in the lives of the cast members. So it would be entertaining to watch the riches return to the screens and spill more secrets, and give us a full sneak peek of their properties, attires, and opulent lifestyles. 

Season one of Bling Empire consists of a total of eight episodes. With that in mind, fans could see the upcoming part of this show follow the same format for episodes. Although the cast and creators have not revealed much about the series, we believe that part two will be flashy and a lot more fun. 

You can watch all the episodes of Bling Empire on Netflix while patiently waiting for its second installment. 

Bling Empire season 2 Cast: Who is returning for the second part?

There is no cast information available for Bling Empire two. However, the original cast has hinted at their return for the sequel. In past interviews, Kevin expressed his desire to travel to South Korea in the next episodes and take the cast along. Whereas Kim has plans to make up for her postponed travel plans in season two. Kim wants the crew to fly to Singapore and see its real beauty.

It will be a delight to witness our favorite riches- Jaime Xie, the 21-year-old influencer, Kane Lim, a real estate investor from Singapore, Anna Shay, a half-Japanse and half-Russian socialite, Christine Chiu, an established plastic surgeon (who is currently working on a beauty project), Kelly Mi Li, an entrepreneur with interest in films, Guy Tang, a hairdresser with a taste in music. 

Disappointingly, Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee are the two latest exist-ons from the show. The couple had filmed the second part, but later they took their names off the cast list. It is not certain why Chan and Lee decided to not be a part of season two. However, they have plans to invest their time and efforts in expanding their business of furniture while fulfilling their parental responsibilities. Hoping that they make a comeback in a third part if that is ever happening. 

Jeff Jenkins, Brandon Panaligan, Ross Weintraub, Elise Chung, and Ben Eisele have executive produced the show’s first part. At present, it is not clear yet which of them is returning to their former role. But the creator of Keeping up With Kardashians, Jenkins is likely to serve as an executive producer on the series. 

Bling Empire Season two Plot: What to expect from it?

Season one of Bling Empire garnered praise from viewers all over the world. Every viewer who tuned in to the series could not help but wonder how true is the show? Season one is more than the glitz and glamour of the riches. It talks about a myriad of issues including infertility surrounding Asian-American society. Following the events of Season one, it would be entertaining to see Andrew Gray and Kelly’s relationship. While we will miss watching Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee going ahead in their love life after Cherie proposed to Lee at a friend’s private party. Anna Shay and Christine Chiu’s rivalry will add enough drama to the series. Depending upon the story, new faces might pop up, yet there are few details about it. 

Bling Empire Season two Trailer: When is it getting released?

We are eagerly awaiting a trailer of The Bling Empire Season two since we got to know about its arrival. Sadly, it is not dropped yet. That said, we shall update this blog as soon as possible. 

Watch this space for more news, gossips, and information from the world of entertainment. Also, feel free to tell us how typed are you for this upcoming part of The Bling Empire? You also reach out to us by mail. 

Update – Bling Empire Season Two Will Premier In March 2022

Reference – https://newyorkdailygazette.com/


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