Largest Lab-grown Diamond Manufacturers In the world 

Since time immemorial, diamonds have been the most in-demand stones in the world. Over the years, lab-grown and ethical diamond manufacturing companies have gained much popularity. They procure, produce, and disseminate diamonds without leaving much of an environmental impact. While they are not grown in the typical, old-fashioned way, they possess the same physical structure and chemical composition as that of a natural diamond. The only difference, however, is that they are formulated in a lab rather than a mine. Unlike the natural process, diamonds manufactured in a lab can be produced in a much faster and safer method.

Although lab-grown diamonds look like natural diamonds (emanating the same sparkle and shine), they are less valuable. These diamonds are ethically produced by skilled technicians and sophisticated machines. Maintaining transparency, creativity, and sustainability, there are myriads of diamond manufacturing companies all across the globe. In this article, we will uncover the top 7 largest lab-grown diamond manufacturers in the world.

1. Vibranium Lab Grown Diamonds

Created from isotopes of carbon, diamond is considered the symbol of status. No wonder, it is the hallmark of elegance, luxury and exquisite taste. Keeping the dominance of diamond in the market, Vibranium brings you an impressive range of Lab-grown diamond with an epitome of true intricacy at reasonable prices. The Vibranium lab is one of the largest labs that provide a top-notch shopping experience.

Vibranium formulates the diamonds by placing the seeds in their personalized CVD (Carbon Vapor Deposition). Managed by sophisticated and highly-trained individuals, Vibranium produces tons of lab-grown diamonds every day. Their product and services come with an effortless return policy and 30-day money-back placement. What’s more, they cater to their customers’ needs, bestowing 24×7 customer care services. The executive in the Vibranium lab grown diamonds works day in and out to deliver you their ‘fine piece of art’. 

2. James Allen

With a massive inventory of lab-manufacturing diamonds, James Allen is one of the largest diamond ring retailer companies. Due to its wide range of trendy collections, James Allen has always been the preferred choice of the customers. Besides, it is one of the best online selling brands in producing lab-grown diamonds. What’s more, James Allen furnishes you with 360° HD pictures of every diamond available on their site. With this enhanced UI technology, users can select the diamond and see how it suits them, just by a click. 

The most significant advantage of shopping from James Allen is that it offers a competitively low price tag as compared to other labs. Besides, they provide all the diamonds with an IGI certificate. Not only do they offer a 30 days money back policy (in case you don’t like the product) but they also handle hassle-free returns. James Allen’s are always available for their customers and delivers 24/7 customer care service!

3. Clean Origin

Known to manufacture 100 per cent ethical and eco-friendly lab diamonds, Clean Origin is the one-stop destination for all jewel lovers! They offer over 12,000 lab-grown diamonds (of all shapes, colors, and sizes), allowing their customers to opt for their favorite jewel with utmost fire and brilliance. Furthermore, they provide 360° imagery for each of their lab-grown diamonds. This way customers can pick what suits them from the website itself.

Clean Origin delivers a wide range of ring setting styles to choose from, starting from gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. They price their diamonds at a competitively fair price, managing customers from all across the globe. What’s more, they furnish free shipping services with a 100-day return policy. Clean Origin manufactures earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces as well.

4. Blue Nile

Blue Neil is one of the top companies ruling the online market for lab-grown diamonds and has been a trusted lab over the years. Due to this recognition in the market all over the world, Blue Nile labs can showcase a wide range of premium quality diamond collections. Presently, this lab is considered to be the best place to buy your artificial grown diamond bracelets, necklaces and earrings. 

Due to its simplified business prototype and low maintenance expenses, Blue Nile bids at decent rates without compromising on quality. Unlike other labs, it offers free shipment to all of its product delivery. What’s more, Blue Nile assures a 30 days money refund guarantee and also bestows hassle-free returns. Nile provides dozens of lab-created diamond jewelry alternatives, involving pendants, earrings, bracelets, fashion rings, etc. 

5. Ritani

Ritani is one of the oldest leading lab-grown diamond dealers running since the ’90s and has been winning the trust of the customers over the years. It is famous for its eco-friendly and ethically sourced diamonds all around the globe. These brilliant shining diamonds are no less than natural diamonds though. However, they are 10 times less expensive and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From weddings to parties, this brand carries a wide range of impressive collections of lab-grown diamonds! Furthermore, Ritani offers you a personalized special service to design your own diamond ornaments. 

With Ritani, you can rejoice in entirely insured, quick and free delivery. In case you don’t need the product, the brand also offers a 30 days money back policy that too with an easy return. Besides, the customer service is available round the clock for any queries and information. They also keep a track of their customers. 

6. Diamond Foundry 

Been in the market for a long time now, Diamond Foundry offers 100 per cent ethical diamonds. They cater to the needs of couples who are looking for exclusively personalized engagement/promise ring designs. With a wide array of rings and other jewelry items to choose from, Diamond Foundry takes pride in being one of the largest manufacturers of laboratory-grown diamonds. They offer an effortless customisation process to their customers with amazing after support. 

All the diamonds produced by Diamond Foundry are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. They price their diamonds at a fair rate with affordable payment plans and lifetime warranties. Furthermore, they feature a duration of top-notch, handpicked laboratory-grown diamonds with certifications provided by the Geological Institute of America. Diamond Foundry provides a 45-minute virtual appointment session with their highly proficient diamond personnel.


Recognised for its extraordinarily crafted diamond engagement rings, VRAI is a top-tier lab-manufacturing company. They run the gamut from simple to designer to ultra-modern, and fast-fashion. VRAI’s eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical diamonds are America’s favorite! They maintain complete transparency with their consumers, bestowing them the best products and services. With incredible customer engagement and efficient packing, VRAI never fails to satisfy its customers.

Utilizing the renewable source of energy, VRAI creates ultimate luxury without wreaking havoc in nature. Furthermore, they create personalized wedding/promise rings for couples. Their conflict-free diamonds come in 10 unique diamond shapes and 13 settings. Besides, they furnish virtual appointments to their customers in order to help them pick up the best rings, diamond cuts, band pairings, and so on. As for shipping, they offer free shipping charges within 30 days of delivery. VRAI is also certified by the Geological Institute of America.


12FIFTEEN is considered one of the top-rated companies in the lab-grown diamond’s market today. It has gained a lot of recognition all over the world due to its stunning range of engagement ring collections. 12FIFTEEN gives more importance to handcraft artisan work with utmost care and professional guidance. This brand strives to maximize efforts to deliver quality products to its customers at reasonable prices. 12FIFTEEN sells directly to the customer from the manufacturer so that the cost margin in the middle can be reduced.  

The lab expects you to feel convinced about your investment, bearing in mind that 12FIFTEEN offers every product at a decent price mark. Besides, it offers 30 days money back replacement without any hassle in return (in case you are unsatisfied with your order). What’s more, 12FIFTEEN  bestows a 45-minute virtual engagement trial session with their highly skilled professionals. 


Q1. Is a Cubic Zirconia (CZ) the Same Thing as a Lab Grown Diamond?

Ans. Absolutely not! As we have been studying since childhood, diamonds are an allotrope of carbon. Thus, this implies that diamonds are made up of carbons, whereas Cubic Zirconia contains zero per cent carbon concentration. Besides, CZs are much weaker than diamonds. It’s not a bigger deal, however, to distinguish the CZs and diamonds. Cubic Zirconia is nothing but an inferior diamond simulant. 

Q2. Is a Synthetic Diamond the Same Thing as a Lab Grown Diamond?

Ans. Undoubtedly yes! Lab-grown diamonds are also known as manufactured, man-made, grown, or synthetic diamonds. So, yes, synthetic diamonds are the same thing as lab-grown diamonds. 

Q3. How Do You Grow a Lab Diamond?

Ans. Lab diamonds are manufactured by artificially re-creating similar conditions under the earth that form diamonds. It is done by applying the exact amount of pressure, temperature, and carbon. The most important steps in re-creating the lab diamonds are HPHT (High Pressure-High Temperature) conditioning and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition). The following steps are, however, followed under expert supervision. 

Q4. How Long Does it Take to Grow a Diamond?

Ans. Naturally, diamonds take years to grow. As for manufacturing them in a lab, it takes approx 8-10 working days to formulate a 1-carat lab diamond. Moreover, it takes about a month to grow a 3-carat lab diamond. These are the apt estimates. In case one tries to grow the diamonds any faster, its crystalline structure will disrupt, causing the jewel to break into pieces. It is a sophisticated process that requires a physical speed limit analysis as to how fast it can be grown.

Q5. Are All Lab Diamonds Flawless and Perfect? 

Ans. NO. Lab diamonds are created in an artificial space, by reforming the natural conditions. Thus, they can’t always be flawless and perfect. While they possess the same color, sparkle, and variations as that of a natural diamond, their quality can still vary. Lab diamonds are produced in 4 C’s – similar to that of mined diamonds. However, manufactured even in those conditions, lab diamonds may lack the quality. Hence, you should always inspect your diamond thoroughly before purchasing. 

Q6. Which companies make the best lab diamonds?

Ans. All of the manufacturing companies that we mentioned above are well-recognized and are known to ethically make the best diamonds. However, the top five companies would be Vibranium, James Allen, Blue Nile, Clean Origin, and Vrai.

Q7. Which country is the largest producer of lab-grown diamonds?

Ans. China. Accounting for a 56 per cent manufacturing share, China stands out to be the largest producer of lab-grown diamonds. The second and third largest producers are India and America with a percentage share of 15 and 13 per cent respectively. 

Q8. Can a jeweler tell the difference between a mined diamond and a lab-grown diamond?

Ans. NO. Without the employment of complex tools (loupes or microscope), it’s not humanly possible to tell the difference between a mined and lab-grown diamond. Because they look visually identical, even proficient jewelers can’t reckon the difference.

Q9. Is it ok to purchase lab-grown diamonds?

Ans. Absolutely, yes! Lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced – and are budget-friendly. Although they are less valuable as compared to mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are far more affordable and toxic-free. These are physically, chemically, and visually similar to those of natural diamonds. And, they look gorgeous when you wear them! 

Q10. Does Pandora sell lab-grown diamonds?

Ans. YES. The world’s biggest jeweler, Pandora, has recently announced that they won’t be selling mined diamonds anymore. Issues regarding the environment and pollution are preventing them from retailing mined diamonds. Soon enough, they will shift to selling lab-grown diamonds. Along with Pandora, many other jewel companies, such as Tiffany, Harry Winston will be promoting lab-grown diamonds from now onwards.

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